Research: most consumers prefer video ads they control

Chris Marlowe

New York, May 18th, 2012 —(Digital Media Wire)— A new focus group study of women’s attitudes toward video advertising found that the majority – 81 percent – preferred ads that they can initiate.

The study, which was conducted by Dynamic Logic, also determined that 72 percent “appreciated” and therefore felt more positively toward video ads that had start and stop controls.

As most advertisers have already learned, context matters too. The study said that 70 percent reported that they’re more likely to ignore ads that are irrelevant to whatever content is on the page, with almost the same proportion (69 percent) being more likely to pay attention to ads that are relevant.

The study was commissioned by Vibrant Media, a premium contextual advertising firm is undoubtedly happy about the results, especially since one of the company’s key products is its Vibrant Lightbox Video, which offers the characteristics the surveyed women rated most highly.

“We’ve seen that the most powerful and relevant online video advertising respects the wants and needs of consumers,” said Cella Irvine, CEO of Vibrant Media. “This study confirms that users are demanding choice, control and relevance if they are going to engage with ads.”

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